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What We Do: Offset Printing Edition

In this What We Do post, I’ll cover our offset printing capabilities and supply information on how to secure quotes and arrange offset printing through NBN Fusion.

Similar to my earlier post on DSR printing, we use our offset print volume with our preferred vendors to drive the cost of printing down and provide our NBN Fusion clients with access to those cost savings. We work with multiple printers domestically and internationally and we can help you select the best print option for your project based upon spec, schedule and cost.

To submit a request for offset printing, use the same online form that you use for DSR printing and submit the title information to our Fusion print manufacturing department. That form can be found here.

A representative will contact you with any questions and will supply you with a cost estimate for approval. Once you approve the estimate and make the decision to move forward with printing, you will be asked to supply your print-ready text and cover files via your pre-assigned Fusion ftp site. After you upload files, notify your representative and he or she will schedule the printing with our vendor. Once the job is sent, you will be given an estimated ship date, which will also be entered into our warehouse database so that the printed books can be received.

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